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Hoist Units

Choose from ZX hoist, VX hoist or LX hoist units for single supply or as part of a crane kit.

Features include:

  • Braked gearbox for enhanced safety and reliability.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • No external hoist gears.
  • No external trolley gears.
  • Long life guide rollers on single beam trolley eliminating wheel flange wear.
  • Reaction roller eliminates the need for a hoist counterweight.
  • Advanced controls.
  • Heavy-duty double band rope guide.
  • Patented safe load cut-out device prevents over loading.
  • Adjustable DC disc brakes on travel and traverse motions for controlled braking.
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs leading to lower cost of ownership.

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TeleRadio Remote Control

We use TeleRadio’s Jaguar range of remote controllers. Particularly suitable for winching and overhead crane applications, the Jaguar range is sturdily constructed and designed to withstand work environments characterised by high temperatures, dust, vibrations, oil and humidity. Some key features include:

  • stop switch for quick and easy shut off of the system
  • operates using 3 standard AA batteries
  • 64 channels, narrow band 433-434MHz
  • Durable design withstands hard knocks
  • Ergonomic shape allows easy usage even with gloves on
  • Pre-programmed functions available

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Travel Drives

Heavy Duty Long Travel Drives.

  1. Fully enclosed design with no exposed gears 
  2. Heavy duty fan cooled motor with cast aluminium cooling fins for enhanced thermal capacity 
  3. Dual speed soft starting drives
  4. Optional variable frequency inverter controlled drives 
  5. Low maintenance, high performance solution.

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7-pole conductor bar system.

Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, trolleys, automated warehouses, etc.

Worldwide installations applied both inside and outside, high and low temperatures and under extreme (weather) conditions.

The unique double-sided flexible rubber seal provides protection against dust, damp and corrosive environments.

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Cable Reel

Engineered cranes (VX)/heavy duty crane: Our ‘VX’ range of engineered cranes embody the acme of crane engineering technology today and are built to deliver bespoke solutions to particularly demanding and exacting material handling problems. Our custom-built engineered cranes have been put to the test in areas as varied as computer-controlled furnace charging, magnet cranes, power station cranes, steelworks cranes, and even handling the cores of nuclear reactors. Some of its features include:

  1. openwinch hoists that are more robust than standard hoists and have duty classifications of up to M8
  2. brakedgear box provides enhanced safety and reliability
  3. zerohook drift allows true vertical lifting
  4. open plan hoist design reduces maintenance and service downtime

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Complete Crane Kits

  1. Hoist Unit including trolley mechanism and electrical control panel 
  2. End Trucks 
  3. Beam Connection Plates 
  4. Travel Drives 
  5. Bridge Control Panel 
  6. Push button pendant 
  7. Cable Kit 
  8. Fixings and Accessories 

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Crane Overload System

Crane overload systems: We provide a range of crane overload protection systems from the TeleRadio brand to meet the needs of crane users and improve crane safety. They can be either retrofitted to existing cranes or added to new cranes. Each crane overload system comprises a load cell to sense the load and an amplifier with trip relays, which can be used to stop the lift or set off alarms. 2 main types are available:

  1. Mechanical Overload Switch: Our mechanical overload switch is easy to install and adjust. Its small size provides an optimal lifting height for overload installations
  2. Electronic Overload Switch: Our electronic overload switch measures the load with an accuracy of ±1 % and includes a weight overload cut-off. An option for a local or remote display is also available.

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Electrical Kits

Control panels and cable kits.

All flatform cables and travel drive cables including heavy duty quick release plug and socket cable connectors for quick and simple crane electrical assembly without the need for skilled electrical engineers.

Coding pins included as standard to prevent incorrect cable connections.

  1. Double insulated push button pendant
  2. 1 million operation push button durability
  3. Mechanical interlocks on individual crane motions
  4. Supplied with quick release plug and socket connection on the pendant cable.
  5. Integral suspension strainer wire in the pendant cable.
  6. International direction symbols.

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End Carriages

Also known as End Trucks, all Street end carriages are designed for easy crane construction and rugged operating performance.

Street offer a choice of different end carriage designs ranging from ‘standard’ two wheel modular section designs to super high performance four wheeled ‘double bogey’ style fabricated section end carriages.

All Street end carriages are supplied fitted with beam connection plates for top mounted, face mounted or shear mounted bridge beams.

  1. Rigid modular box section end carriages
  2. Very long-life SG iron or steel wheels 
  3. Dual flanged wheels or flangeless wheels with side guide rollers.
  4. Machined in one setting to ensure precise geometric wheel alignment
  5. Removable end plates for fast access to crane wheels.
  6. High impact rubber or hydraulic buffers 
  7. High quality direct drives
  8. Minimal maintenance requirements

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