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Repair & Maintenance

We provide on-call repairs and routine preventive maintenance services for all makes of industrial cranes and thrusts at very competitive prices. Depending on your type and scale of operation, an assessment will be done and from there we will establish the best package to cater to your needs. While we mainly represent STREET cranes, other brands include MORRIS, DEMAG, KONE, MUNCK, ABUS, VERLINDE, and SWF parts are also available ex-stock should you require them.

Load Test

The Ministry of Manpower requires that load test be carried out at least once every four years. We offer the best rates for load tests – inclusive of professional engineer, load, transportation, and certification fees – in Singapore.  

We provide load test service for industrial cranes and hoist system such as:

  • Overhead crane
  • Gantry crane
  • Jib crane
  • Monorail
  • Goods hoist

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Annual Visual Inspection

Trust us with your mandatory annual visual inspection for all overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, goods lifts and hoists. Rates vary depending on quantity and crane capacity, but rest assured --- our rates are highly competitive.

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Dismantling / Relocation / Reinstallation

We provide affordable and reliable services for dismantling, relocation and reinstallation services for all types of industrial cranes, including free consultation.

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Modification & Refurbishment Works

For upgrading or converting your existing overhead cranes to enhance performances and lifespan, we provide the following services for all your lifting requirements :

  • Conversion of gantry cranes to overhead cranes or vice versa
  • Upgrading of crane capacity
  • Retrofitting of enhanced features – load cell, variable speed inverter drives, motorized hooks, anti-sway system etc
  • Modification of crane girders or portal legs , extension or reduction of crane span and hookpath
  • Upgrading of gantry beam capacity
  • Addition of full length maintenance platform and handrailing
  • Modification of end carriages for capacity enhancement
  • Refurbishment of crane kits and general overhaul 

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